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What is Ignite Clarity:

A 3 hour Zoom workshop sequenced in three parts: The WHY behind our behaviors, WHAT we really WANT, and HOW to use this CLARITY to move forward.

Here's why you need it:

The mission and values of successful companies like APPLE, Disney, and Lululemon are quite clear. Can we say the same about ourselves? Can you answer with precision what your values, needs, passions, and vision are? The expert coaches in Ignite Clarity guide you through the process of discovering your inner self and designing your outer life to match. Clear away the muddiness that clouds your life decisions and soar into 2023 having discovered a piece of your authentic self. 

Let your inner self guide your outer life.

What to expect:

An immersive experience that will include group life coaching, discovery surveys, acknowledgment through storytelling, visualization meditation, exploration, and ongoing support during and after the workshop.



We make decisions EVERYDAY and it's not always easy. Decision making gets a lot easier when rooted in our values and needs.


Truly understanding your values allows you to navigate your career path with greater confidence and ultimately with greater success as well.


DIscovering what motivates you, draws you closer to the true you. This awareness will lead to less resistance and stress throughout all aspects of your life.


When you achieve the knowledge of your true needs and wants, a sense of harmony emerges allowing you to live your best life.

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Understanding others can be difficult at times. When you learn the lens of the needs & values - your understanding of others deepens. This will in turn will enliven in you a more whole and effective leader. 

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Join a growing community of individuals looking for personal growth, practicing language skills, and helping hold each other accountable.


Part 1

The 'why' behind our behaviors.

So many of our behaviors can be dialed down to a few core needs. Here participants will find out why they do what they do. Group coaching support will also be provided to allow participants to reflect upon their discoveries.

  • Explore Tony Robbins’ 6 human needs

  • Discover your top needs and how they are different from each other.

  • Show how to avoid meeting our needs un-productive ways 

  • Learn how we can turn our needs into our superpowers.

Part 2

What do you want?

What is the inner drive and passion that kindles a desire to fight for a cause or wake up excited to meet the new day? Participants dig into their core wants and where they are derived from.

  • Dive into how core values create our desires.

  • Discover your core values.

  • Learn strategies on how to align your daily life with your values.

  • Leverage your values to create a personal "brand"

Part 3

Using clarity to move forward.

Building on the learned material of the first two hours, participants will learn how to make effective intentions and goals for the future. They will be guided through a step by step strategy for taking action on the clarity and awareness gained now and in the future.

  • Learn how to create effective intentions that align with your needs and values.

  • Pinpoint the areas of your life most needing attention.

  • Real practical solutions to creating and maintaining long term goals.

  • Join a community that will support and promote your growth long past the conclusion of the workshop.


We are aware that you wouldn't have the goals and dreams in you unless you already possessed the capabilities to achieve them. It is our privilege to assist and support you on your path.

Our commitment is to keep it real and bring you the best of what we are learning and living.


Expect inspiring ideas, ageless insight and a wholehearted dedication to helping and supporting you in living your most expansive, expressive, and meaningful life.


It will guide you through the principles of accomplishing your goals and leading a profoundly fulfilling life. Thank you so much for stopping here; we can't wait to go exploring with you. We are delighted we've connected and looking forward to our journey together.

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