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Don't be a Cynic

It’s often hard to resist turning to cynicism. When the world or others have hurt us in the past, we tend to start distrusting the motivations of others and see the world as lined up against us. We give over to sarcasm and a negative mindset. It’s understandable. We do it as a protection mechanism. The cynic is afraid to be hurt again by disappointment, suffering of others, criticism, failure, or missteps. Once deep in that mindset it’s hard to break out and trust again after building up that wall of false “realism” and snark.

A growth mindset cannot flourish when fed by constant cynicism. We must be brave and trust in order to move forward in a positive direction. A cynic’s awareness is twisted and resists expanding. To resist cynicism, it’s important to remain mindful. We need to admit to ourselves when we are becoming closed off to positivity and turning to cynicism. In those moments we can do some of the following to break out…

  • Recognize what we are grateful for in life

  • Immerse in something that brings enjoyment and laughter

  • Slow down and take a moment to breathe in positivity

  • Spend time with positive people

When faced with the negativity of life we can either shut down and turn inward or we can take the opportunity to grow and expand our empathy. The former leads to cynicism and negative thoughts that don’t serve us at all!


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