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A program about building a credo consistent with your core identity.

Service Description

A credo is a set of personal beliefs, values, and principles that guide one's thoughts, actions, and decisions. It is a statement of one's core convictions and serves as a compass for how they navigate the world. Over the course of four months, this program will get at the core of who you are. It will answer the simple questions of what are your strengths, weaknesses, passions, values, and desires. But, it will also answer even better gems such as: If I have everything I need and want, then what? What would I be driven to do? What do you want others to remember you by? What triggers you most and why? What gets you excited to experience life? What is causing you to hide from doing _________? What are you ashamed to admit, even to yourself? In this program, you will... - learn the basic facts of what makes you, you. - make decisions with confidence. - engage in and learn mindfulness exercises that help one live a life aligned with their core-self. - use your past experiences and future you to generate what your best self looks like. - learn how to make goals that align with your core convictions and find effect methods to accomplish them. This program is perfect for those... - who are looking for a more clear sense of life direction and the motivation to live it. - looking for greater fulfillment and meaning from their day to day lives - wanting more to feel more confident in themselves and generate a greater amount of self-love. - who are struggling to make decisions that "feel right" or aligned with their values. - experiencing the feeling of being stuck or overwhelmed in their current circumstances. Includes: - Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 coaching for 8 sessions (60-90min each) - Online progress tracking - Personalized e-book (includes session activities, surveys, notes that detail your journey and discoveries) Price: One payment of $665 (10% off) or Four monthly payments of $185

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