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LifeSculpt Transformation

A tailored plan to meet your unique set of goals

Service Description

LifeSculpt Transformation offers an immersive 12-week coaching program aimed at empowering you to reshape your life and reach for your boldest dreams. With a deeply personalized approach, we'll be dedicated partners through every twist and turn of your journey, offering unwavering support, effective strategies, and a continuous wellspring of motivation. By the end of this transformative program, you'll emerge with a crystal-clear sense of purpose and a toolbox of skills to craft the life you've always envisioned. Some examples of the transformation we can focus on: ~ gaining clarity on any challenges you are facing ~ attaining big and small goals alike from embracing healthier eating habits to heightened job satisfaction ~ experiencing significant personal growth and insights about yourself ~ finding happiness in your relationships and enhancing them ~ organizing a work-life balance that works for you ~ managing stress from work or personal life ~ living a life of mindful acceptance and calm Cost: $945 (1,250,000 krw) for 12-week program or $90 (120,000krw) per 60min session Monthly installment plans are available upon request.

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