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This is your future self calling on you to change

Service Description

[Disclaimer] This is a challenging, advance level program. You will be asked to leave your ego at the door and trash all preconceived notions of what is true. This program will change your perception of the world and shift how think of yourself and your actions. Your interactions with others will undergo a transformation as you will find that in order to change, you need to leave your past self behind. In this program, you will... - learn strategies on how to enter into a state of next-level awareness where insights are generated. - use somatic and mindfulness techniques to create more open-mindedness directed towards the self and others. - find ways to more easily access your purpose in life. - learn to naturally create a story that benefits you in every situation. - discover strategies to foster work and personal life balance. - grow your understanding of others' motivations. - gain more trust in your intuition and ability to set and maintain boundaries. - generate more empathy for yourself and others. This program is perfect for those... - not afraid of getting their thoughts challenged. - who want to live a deep life full of meaning. - who think they have it all figured out, but deep down know they are lying to themselves. - are tired of not being able to make the changes they know they need. Includes: - Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 coaching for 12 sessions (60-90min each) - Online progress tracking - Personalized e-book (includes session activities, surveys, notes that detail your journey and discoveries) - Inner Meets Outer newsletter subscription - An invitation to any Inner Meets Outer group coaching calls Price: One payment of $1,620 (10% off) or Six monthly payments of $300

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