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Hey Beautiful,

To be honest, I have struggled piecing together my About Me. It can be overwhelming to try to explain your whole life in a short summary!

Others may think it is amazing to have lived in three very different countries (UK, Australia & South Korea), traveled to so many more, and worked in a myriad of fields - wellness, marketing, teaching, community building, health, running my own business, retail, hotel, and even engineering & accounting.

I used to believe that my skills and experiences were not as noteworthy as others. Yes, I really did believe that. Stories we make up about ourselves, especially “not enough” ones, can have a lot of power over us. However, one thing I have learned that I hold above all else is that…

"Everyone is 100% worthy!"

Worthy of Love, Belonging, Joy, and Freedom [No matter where you are now and where you have been]

It’s from this space that I was able to turn my "not-enough-depth" story into "diverse and interesting" and "not knowing my true passion" into "multi-passionate and flexible". These are stories I now feel so deeply they’ve become the fabric of my identity. I AM diverse, interesting, multi-passionate, and flexible!

That is the power of changing your story. I am in love with this power.


I love & fascinated by how the human mind works and its potential so much so that it’s infectious or annoying depending on where you are sitting. I can't stop talking about it, writing about it, reading about it, listening about it, and applying it to everything I do  

Ooh, and that reminds me of another special human power and belief of mine…

"Everyone is an artist!"

Everyone has a unique way of looking at and interpreting the world, and everyone has a unique perspective and voice. Whether it be through writing, painting, filming, cooking, coaching or how we express ourselves in the world. 

It’s the process of creating, expressing, and sharing something that comes from within, everyone has the potential to be an artist in their own way, and everyone can use art as a means of self-expression and self-discovery.

In my coaching session, I love to combine a dose of inspiration (did I mention I love QUOTES?), thought-provoking questions to broaden what you thought you knew to be true (no sugar coating here), and a spirit of playfulness to help you discover your own amazeballs self.

By lifting each other up and celebrating each other's unique brilliance, we can all reach greater heights together.

Have you ever seen a puppy welcoming its owner home? That’s the excitement I want people to walk away from a session with.  I love to give others a renewed sense of connection to their true selves and an eagerness to share their creations and ideas in their community.

AND most importantly I want them to BE IN LOVE WITH their own LIFE!

I really give a s*it about you.

It’s time to show up and shine!

The world needs you now.

Are you ready?

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