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Jayde's Programs

I coach successful leaders on their next chapter and all the challenges that come with leveling up. 

Change is always uncertain. But we are all capable of doing uncertain things. 

In the end, it is only YOU who can move you forward or keep you stagnant. 

The most important thing in your life is you.  

I guarantee you have the capabilities and resources for what you want to achieve right now. It just requires new questions and fresh perspectives to bring it out. The answers are all within you. 

My own years of coaching have transformed doubt into certainty and ambiguity into clarity and I love sharing the magic of coaching.

Before I discovered coaching, I remember the frustrating times when I invested a lot of years and energy in countless self-development programs, books, etc. but couldn't find anything that worked for "ME". After all, most of them were created for the masses so it's hard to apply them to a one-of-a-kind "ME".


Coaching is tailored only to you! Nobody has the same life journey and coaching should be different to individuals. 

The most crucial thing to make a change is to believe in yourself and take the first step.

I'll cheer you on every step of the way as you fall and get back up again. 


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